Photo Talk by Felix So – Rules and Boundaries Ⅰ (蘇文郁攝影作品分享會 – 道 . 界 Ⅰ)

Photographic Society, Hong Kong University Student Union, the Organizer
China Photographers Association, Beijing Institute of Photography Correspondence, Shenzhen Institute Hong Kong Region, the Co Organizer

We proudly present,
Photo Talk by Felix So – Rules and Boundaries
Date : 30th Nov. 2011 7:15 – 8:45pm
Venue: Rayson Huang Theater, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong.
Sole Sponsored by Phottix

中國攝影家協會, 北京攝影函授學院, 深圳分院 香港區協辦

日期: 2011年11月13日, 晚上7:15 – 8:45pm
地點: 香港大學黄麗松講堂, 香港薄扶林道
獨家贊助 : Phottix

Our November 2nd Photo Sharing event, we are proudly to announce “Rules and Boundaries” by Felix So

學院11月份攝影第2個分享會, 隆重發表蘇文郁藝術創作 – 道.界

Part of photos, Felix So’s Personal Work – Rules and Boundaries

In every moment we are querying and exploring those fundamental questions and uncertainties in our life: how to reach a balance between reality and ideal world; how to live a reasonable life under the complex of material allure and rational thinking; how to weigh the pros and cons; how to distinguish true from false…… This photography project is to re-examine and probe into the basic elements of our lives, the human senses, both emotional and rational. It is about struggles of mankind and nature against an alienated world, our reaction to environment, our imagination and definition of beauty/ugliness. Even though everyone of us wishes to free ourselves from the binds of mortal body, our persistence and toughness are always put through our paces by continuous challenges and tests in the world. When taking a brief repose and rest, I always wish the freedom of thought can lead our way to re-recognize the value of life and cherish everybody and everything surrounding us.

如何在現實和理想中找到平衡,如何在物質慾望和理性思考世界裡活出中庸;怎 樣在正面與反面中取捨,怎樣去區分真假與對錯……
此藝術創作是探究一些生活中最基本的元素,人的五感,感性和理性,關於人及自然界在客觀環境中的掙扎;我們對現實的反應,對 ‘美與醜’ 的想像和界定。我們每一刻都想擺脫肉身的束縛,然而這世界卻永遠要我們去迎接各種考驗。

Felis So – an eminent professional photographer in Hong Kong, has been working for the photography industry for over 20 years. Being a widely-recognized expert in the industry, he was elected the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (2006-2008)

蘇文郁 – 香港資深專業攝影師, 從事攝影20多年, 攝影界中具有崇高地位, 2006-2008年被選為香港專業攝影師公會會長。

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