Leica Photo Sharing with Jing Huang Ⅱ (徠卡黃京攝影作品分享會 Ⅱ)

China Photographers Association, Beijing Institute of Photography Correspondence, Shenzhen Institute Hong Kong Region presents

Leica Photo Sharing with Jing Huang

Date : 11th Nov. 2011 7:00 – 9:30pm
Venue: Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, 22/F United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong
Photo Exhibition will be followed by Leica Camera Hong Kong at the beginning of 2012

中國攝影家協會, 北京攝影函授學院, 深圳分院 香港區誠意獻上


日期: 2011年11月11日, 晚上7:00 -9:30
地點: 香港總商會 – 演講廳, 香港金鐘統一中心 22字樓

Our November Photo Sharing event, we are proudly to announce “Pure of Sight” by Jing Hung

學院11月份攝影分享會, 隆重發表黃京得獎作品 “Pure of Sight”
Some of Jing Huang photos 黃京部份得獎作品

His self-selected portfolio of 12 black-and-white fi­ne art images shot with his beloved Leica M4-P were chosen from over 2,000 entries. His favorite image in the group: “The picture of a kitten walking along a fallen tree branch, which makes me imagine a journey to an unknown destination.” A graduate in Photography and Digital Art from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Huang’s provocative and often whimsically surreal images convey a sense of the magical in outwardly ordinary scenes. “Perhaps we all have that sense of magic deep in our hearts,” says Huang prophetically. “All that is necessary to release the passion of this inner magic is a tool which, to me, is a camera.” What follows is the underlying story of that passion expressed by Jing Huang.
12 awarded photographs were exhibited on the event for Art Appreciation. The leadership of biggest local photographic Society were attending on the event and interested to share their thought with the artist of New Generation in China.

Jing Huang – Leica Oskar Barnack New Comer Award Winner 2011, born in Guangzhou, 1987 and now a resident of Shenzhen, China, was just named as the recipient this year’s Leica Oskar Barnack NewcomerAward.

黃京自選的12張藝術攝影作品, 均用其心愛的徠卡M4-P拍攝, 從2000多張作品中挑選出來。全組作品, 他最心愛的: 那副小貓走出樹上的分支, 令他想到它是走向無方的旅程。畢業於廣州美術學院數碼藝術攝影, 黃京對攝影的挑釁與妙想天開, 以超現實的拍攝傳達平凡現場的神秘感。

黃京預言著,  ”也許那神奇的意識都在我們的心靈深處。” ” 這一切所需要的是釋放內心裡對一種工具的一份神奇的激情, 對我來說, 這就是相機。” 黃京接着道出激情的底層故事。

12副得獎攝影作品於是次分享會展出作藝術欣賞。本地各大攝影會的高層代表均出席盛會, 及與中國年青藝術家分享心得。

黃京 – 2011年徠卡Oskar Barnack新人獎得主, 1987出生於廣州, 現居於深圳

Jing Huang – Leica Oskar Barnack New Comer Award Winner 2011, born in Guangzhou, 1987 and now a resident of Shenzhen, China

Some event’s photos 分享會部份照片

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