EIGHT LECTURES ON “SEEING” Photography Appreciation – Session 1 攝影鑑賞課程 1

EIGHT LECTURES ON “SEEING” Photography Appreciation – Session 1 was kicked off last Wednesday, 5 October 2011 at 7:30pm.

The Origins of Photography as an Art Form, Pictorialism and the Photo-Secession
In this session we will look at the origins of cameras and the photographic process. Who invented photography. When did photographic practitioners began to explore the medium as a means of self expression, why was this rejected by the established institutions and how was the long struggle to be identified as not merely as a technology was finally won. The work of important photographers Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen will be presented and the former’s manifesto of the Photo-secession.

21 members are joining the lecture and 86% full booked of the balance lectures.

The Session 2 is on 18th Oct 2011 and CU there!

Details of Full Session HERE

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