Exhibition Opening and Artists Reception 北京攝影函授學院 深圳分院 2011年9月份 師生聯展

Joint Exhibition, Sept 2011, the Professors/ Students of Beijing  Institute of Photography Correspondence, Shenzhen Institute was held on 24th – 25th Sept 2011.

The Director of Shenzhen Institute was attending the Opening and Artists Reception together with Professor Zong Gou Wah and 23 Students from Shenzhen.

The Opening and Artists Reception with more than 100 guests attending, Sharing Art with Culture Exchange.

The exhibition with 56 Exhibited Works whereas 38 works from Shenzhen and 18 from Hong Kong, are from Professors and Students.

Theme of Exhibition – Landscape

Our next exhibition in Feb 2012.

Evangelo Costadimas, Steve Porte, Jennifer Chan, Laurent Wei and Zong Gou Wah

Bryan Poon, Wing Liu, Laurent Wei and Eric Wong

Laurent Wei

Jo-ann Gallagher, Jennifer Chan, Joseph Trinh, Wing Liu, Ankur Sonkusare, Bani Cruz and Joseph Tsoi

Jennifer Chan

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